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A Cheer program to fit any athletes desires

Cheerleading is one of the fastest-growing sport in the world and was recently announced as a provisional sport in the upcoming Olympics! It distinguishes itself from traditional stereotypes because of the skill and athleticism required to be successful. Teams focus on gymnastics, acrobatics, athletic dance, and stunts – a true hybrid sport – cheerleading develops an athletes’ strength, flexibility, coordination, and stamina. There’s a team for everyone! No experience? No problem! With competitive and recreational teams for cheerleaders ages 5-18 years old, beginners to advanced, Paragon Performance Sports has a team for you!



Is your athlete looking to learn what cheer is all about?  This class is perfect for young new athletes interested in learning the basics through a short routine.  We offer this class five times per year.  


All-Star Exhibition

Is your athlete newer to cheer and looking for competition exposure? These teams will both provide fundamental principles with a small amount of a competitive environment.

All-Star Prep 


Does your athlete have a desire to expand their exposure to competitive cheer?  These teams will develop athletes' skills, sportsmanship, and leadership ability through a tough training regiment and team standards to uphold. Continual growth is the expectation.

All-Star Elite 

Does your athlete have a competitive nature, willing to do what it takes to compete at the highest level?  Our Elite Cheer teams challenge athletes to win at the highest level not only in the gym but in life as well.

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