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CHEER TEAMS 2024-2025


Paragon offers a variety of options for all ages, skill levels, and commitment levels. For that reason, we highly recommend you read the 2023-2024 season packet to ensure you’re selecting the program that is the best fit for your family.

Exhibition:  These teams will be 1/2 year teams attending 1 competition per session.  Practices will be 1 hour per week.  The sessions will run from September - December & January - April.  Each team will practice for 1 hour per week.

Novice: These teams will practice 1.5 hours per week and attend 3 regional competitions within a 4-hour radius. Tryouts are not required for a Novice team (everyone makes a team!)


Prep: These are travel teams that practice three hours per week and attend 4-5 regional competitions and 1 special travel (driving distance outside of 6 hours). A tumbling class is included in tuition and is required for all prep athletes. Evaluations Clinics are required for a prep team (but don’t stress – everyone makes a team!)


Elite: This is a travel team attending 5-6 regional competitions, and 2 special travel (driving distance outside of 6 hours) Practices will be 4 to 5 hours per week plus a tumbling class. Tryouts are required for an elite team. Everyone will make a team, but the tryouts will help us determine if prep or elite is a better fit for each child as well as division.

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